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Accepting the Unacceptable

It’s been a rough week for those of us here in the United States. Some may even say a rough year, whichever side of the political spectrum you are on. We live in a world that is increasingly violent, where we are faced with everything ranging from and including senseless mass murders to a new norm of incivility as well as lies. These have become the main course in our lives. We cease to be surprised anymore when we hear of incidents such as the Las Vegas massacre. If anything, we only stop at first to ask “How many?” When the number of dead and injured is large enough or the physical location close enough, we take notice... Read More

Holding Things "Lightly"

As mentioned in my previous post, “Holding Thoughts Lightly,” is a way of reminding ourselves that thoughts may or may not reflect reality. One simply has to notice the many differing interpretations of a given event held by people observing it. Given that we all have different histories, i.e., different Moms, Dads, sisters, brothers, homes, hurts, experiences…we may or may not interpret events in the same way... Read More

What Are Your Stories?

Most people have an idea in their heads, or several, more likely, about who they really are and how they measure up to other people. How do these stories come to be? Have you ever noticed that you have ideas about who you are and who you aren’t or maybe even the kind of person you are or aren’t? In some ways, this looks like it’s helpful and maybe it even is, in some situations. Read More



Anxiety and Acceptance

One of the first questions that just about every anxious client asks me is “Will you help me get rid of my anxiety?” There’s usually a desperate tone in their voice, and I always tell them to brace themselves for my answer.

You see, most things we don’t want in the environment, we can get rid of if we want to. If there’s something in my living room that I either decide I don’t like anymore or perhaps even reminds me of something I don’t really want to remember, I can decide to just throw it out or give it to the Goodwill, and that usually does the trick. Read More



Anxiety and ACT: What Do You Value?

In working with clients who have anxiety, I often ask them to think about what it is that they truly care about in their lives. This focus on values or “values-based living,”  is one of several basic and important components of of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  It is, I would argue, the lynchpin of ACT, pronounced “act”, the one that allows all the other components of the therapy to work

ACT provides tools to help people overcome their struggles with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and a host of other psychological issues.  My chosen specialty is to work with those who suffer from anxiety.  By focusing on values, people come to clarify what is and isn’t important to them.   I often think of values as being like the rudder on a boat Read More



Anxiety and Money: Do You Have the Tax Time Blues?


This time of year it seems that everyone’s talking about money. It’s that thing we love and sometimes even hate. Perhaps it’s because of the stronghold it has on our lives. For many, money is a measure of our success or a symbol of power or an indicator of our security.

Have you ever given much thought to what your relationship to money is? Regardless of what your feelings are, money, and taxes, are facts of life that all Americans are faced with this time of year. And that has many of us singing the blues! Read More



Anxiety and OCD


For a long time I have been working on a book that would allow me to share what I know and to help people on a larger scale.   I also see the need for my patients to have a resource that they can take with them that they can refer to again and again, whenever they are looking to have a supportive and positive voice in their heads.  


Given that, I will attempt to put down what I have learned, in more than 25 years of working with patients day in and in out, about helping people, especially anxious people, learn to function successfully in today’s every-changing world... Read More